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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

My name is Camille Jeanty.

.Born in the heart of Napa Valley in 1997, Camille's taste buds underwent a remarkable evolution. Having a professional French chef as her father endowed her with an advanced palate compared to her peers. While her friends settled for pb&j sandwiches, Camille's lunchbox boasted handcrafted fresh summer rolls, accompanied by fluffed Japanese rice and a side of sweet & sour sauce.

Her culinary journey commenced as soon as she reached the stovetop's height. During her childhood, she delighted in crafting an array of dishes, ranging from rustic French Boeuf Bourguignon to meticulously prepared Italian pesto pasta, both the pesto and pasta lovingly handcrafted. The changing seasons in her backyard served as her muse, inspiring culinary creations. Napa Valley's ideal gardening climate yielded an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Summer ushered in heirloom tomato salads adorned with fresh basil and local burrata cheese, while winter welcomed comforting bowls of potato & leek soup and red lentil dahl.

Photo: Bistro Jeanty @AlexanderRubinPhotography

Vacations proved to be a time of apprenticeship for Camille at her father's establishment, Bistro Jeanty. There, she absorbed knowledge like a sponge, eventually mastering every role within the restaurant. In addition to her familial responsibilities, she gained valuable experience working with esteemed chefs Greg & Gabi Denton. This experience included mastering the art of crafting French vanilla ice cream and profiteroles. Her proficiency extended to high-volume catering at Vibrant Table in Portland, Oregon, showcasing her prowess in recipe execution and on-the-day arrangements. Beyond the kitchen, she embraced the role of Server at Michelin-Starred Press Restaurant in St. Helena, where Chef Philip Tessier introduced her to unfamiliar ingredients that would later prove pivotal in her culinary journey. Her hospitality skills flourished as a hostess at Michelin-Starred Auberge du Soleil Restaurant in Rutherford, affording her fluency in the language of international hospitality.

While pursuing Business and French Studies at the University of Portland, Camille broadened her culinary horizons on a global scale. It was during this time that she forged an enduring friendship with fellow epicurean Sarah Holden. Together, they concocted recipes and meticulously planned weekly meals. Their shared journey led them to master the art of sourdough bread making, pre-dating the pandemic's sourdough craze. Sarah, a distinguished scientist, imparted her knowledge of the chemistry underpinning their bakes, while Camille contributed her refined palate and culinary finesse. This collaboration, borne out of an abundance of baked goods, marked the genesis of Chef Camille's entrepreneurial aspirations.

Immersing herself in France's Loire Valley for a semester, Camille honed her culinary skills, enriched by the tutelage of a classically-trained French pastry chef. Weekends were dedicated to seminars on crafting savory buckwheat crêpes and apple galettes. Camille's enthusiasm for exploration led her to frequent local farmer's markets, both domestic and international, to savor foreign foods and exotic produce.

These culinary quests culminated in Chef Camille's own enterprise, dedicated to nurturing her local community with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Armed with a degree in Liberal Arts with a specialization in French Studies, Chef Camille Jeanty returned to her Napa hometown with a desire to form deep connections with one or two families. With a pre-established understanding of cravings and dietary needs, each week's menu is tailor-made. The featured ingredients hail from local farms and markets, ensuring the pinnacle of seasonal freshness. The preparation takes place within the client's home, harmonizing high standards of service with culinary excellence.

Chef Camille eagerly attends to each family's culinary needs, excelling in crafting meals that accommodate modern-day dietary restrictions while adhering to health and safety standards. She is adept at cultivating non-dairy cheeses and fermenting house-made brews and kombuchas, epitomizing her commitment to culinary innovation and excellence.

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