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Current Delivery Menus

Discover the convenience of Chef Camille Jeanty's at-home menus delivered right to your doorstep. Explore a world of flavor from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're craving a cozy night in or hosting a special gathering, our selection of dishes crafted with care promises to elevate every occasion. Simply heat up and serve our meticulously prepared dishes, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of culinary excellence with ease.

Order now and let the feast begin!

St. Patrick's Day 3.17.24

Get your taste buds dancing this St. Patrick's Day! Dive into our delicious St. Patrick's Day delivery menu filled with Irish delights! From savory classics to tempting treats, celebrate with flavor right at your doorstep. Order now and let the festivities begin!

St. Patricks Day Menu 2.0 .png
March 1st Delivery Menu .png

Friday 3.1.24

Set the table! You're first in line to savor our irresistible three-course menu: Sally Schmitt's renowned Potato Salad, hearty Three Bean and Beef Chili with Cornbread, and divine Rice Pudding with Rum Raisins. Don't forget to place your order and lock in your delivery date. Treat yourself to gourmet delights effortlessly delivered to your doorstep!

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